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Designing for High Performance

The fundamental principle that underlies the way we work is that the purpose of training is increased performance. What this means is that training must be designed to achieve specific business needs and managing transfer of learning to the workplace is paramount. Analysis of research in this area over the last 20 years confirms this.

So before instituting any programme,  alignment with business goals is evaluated and confirmed.  Each programme is then tailored to the needs of the individual organisation. Considerable attention is given to putting strategies in place to ensure transfer of learning to workplace practices. Collecting evidence of transfer is also part of the programme design. This allows evaluation and  monitoring so that evidence-based decision making can be used to plan next steps and strategic interventions can be made if required.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be positively influenced when employees are enabled, empowered and understand what’s expected of them. Ensuring your employees have a clear understanding of their role in the organization, opportunities to grow and develop and clear career mobility helps positively impact employee engagement. Providing your employees and managers with the tools to do this is critical to your ability to create cultures of engagement.”Companies that engage and develop their workforce realize a 59% growth in revenue per employee”. – Companies are Missing Opportunities for Growth and Revenue by Randall Beck and Jim Harter. Business Journal on, April 28, 2015.

Personal Growth Through Developing Individual Capability and Effectiveness

  • Building positive relationships with both internal and external customers

  • Gaining clarity of purpose and a growth mindset of ongoing learning and improvement

  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability

  • High Personal Integrity

Employees who are Truely Engaged, Engage Customers

Companies with an employee engagement program enjoy 23% greater customer loyalty. Employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue.  – Source: Aberdeen Group, August 2015