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Conversations with Customers:

If you’re becoming frustrated by your sales people’s apparent inability to cultivate sustainable relationships with your customers or they struggle to explain your value proposition, we can help.

The Problem arises from a gap in training:  Neither traditional sales nor technical training equip people to use their knowledge to create value. We have developed a programme that bridges this gap.

Our facilitative selling programme develops the capability to engage customers in authentic, mutually rewarding knowledge conversations.

Participants deliver better business results at three critical points in the buying process:

  • Understanding customer needs:
    Learning to listen properly and allowing the customer to explain their wants, needs and aspirations.
  • Demonstrating value:
    When customers arrive at an understanding of your value proposition themselves they will close the sale for you!

  • Creation of added value:
    Investing in customer success develops trust and loyalty.

Selling products and services is viewed as an integral part of customer engagement – not simply trying to match features and benefits to a pre-determined set of ‘needs’.

Being customer-focused is more than just espousing the benefits of the supplier’s solution. It’s about being prepared by researching the customer’s business, gathering the necessary information and creating thought-provoking questions that lead to discussions about the things the customer values most.
It’s about validating your understanding and sharing ideas in a consultative manner that brings clarity to both the supplier and the customer.

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If you want staff who aren’t afraid to communicate complex technical knowledge, and satisfied, loyal customers, contact us.