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Firstly, we want to apologise that we have been out of touch through July.  Our blog is very late due to having our website rebuilt and further developed. We hope it has been worth the wait for you all because one of the key values in having a high functioning website is to celebrate the learning, share insights and give you all, our valued clients and colleagues, a resource you can tap into.

We have certainly done a lot of learning about websites and the things needed to ensure they are as we describe.  Where did this start?  We tried to upload a blog one day in April and not able to complete the exercise. We had blissfully been using our website since its inception a few years ago believing it was being supported and monitored, but alas it wasn’t.  Our site was about to crash so we agreed to a major upgrade by our support/host to keep it alive. It took some time and cost to get back up and running, however the functionality we had hoped for was not present.  We were being blinded by technical speak, the very thing we support companies to eradicate!

Lesson 1:  This is not our core business and we need to engage in partnership with another company who can focus on producing a high-quality website based on our needs. We need someone who wants to get to know Bats and what will work best for our customers.

We have three strong mental models that drive Bats, our business.  They are:

• Relationships are paramount

• Slower is faster, less is more

• The knowledge is in the organisation (we are not fix up merchants).

So, we needed to tap into a long-term relationship to get us back on track.  We needed a new host/support company that was on our wave length, that would listen to what we wanted and create a functional website where the back end technical updates were taken care of seamlessly.  We also needed to build our independence in keeping our website current, but know there was someone who was there to support our queries or to be there if training was needed.

Lesson 2:  Quality takes time, slower definitely is faster and the new website has captured our ‘less is more’ uncluttered requirements.  It is easy to navigate and the back end will make us more confident to upload materials and resources to support our clients and colleagues.  A great partnership for us.

So here it is.  Many thanks to Leesa and the team at Cabu for working with us to ensure we can stay in touch with all of you. Not once did they try to fix us up.  They listened to our feedback until we got it just as we wanted it.   Please feel free to go back to past ‘insights for you’.  They are all here and catalogued and easy to find.  We hope you find it useful.  Enjoy!


Mary and Lab Wilson (the Bats Team)

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