If The Cap Fits? – You’ll wear it everywhere

If you’re like me you have some clothes you wear often, maybe because they fit you just right – as if they were made just for you.

My problem with clothes is they always seem made for someone else. I’m one of the shorter, ‘broader’ people

(more of a prop forward than a winger). Trouser legs are always too long, shirts that fit my neck and shoulders are too big everywhere else and on it goes.

I buy jumpers to fit my chest and have sleeves hanging over my hands. So I roll them up, much to my wife’s dismay as that stretches them and they go all baggy. You see, she knits, so it offends her sense of style. She knits for everyone else, mostly our grandchildren, and didn’t think I was interested in having anything from her talented hands.

Until I bought a jumper online and, once again, started grumbling about the sleeves. So one day, as another grandkid’s winter warmer rolled off the ‘production line’ I asked, “When’s my turn?”

The instant reply, “What style would you like? What kind of wool?”

“I have no idea!”

“Ok, well here’s a few pictures, any that appeal?”.

“Maybe that one….. but I don’t like the shape of the neck.”

“Oh we can change that…”

And so it went, until we had a good picture of what I wanted.

Similarly, we chose the wool (Alpaca/merino blend) and the colour……

The jumper fits perfectly. Sleeves are just right, neck is comfortable, and it feels great. I love it. I wear it everywhere – cos it’s me!

To me, the parallels were immediately obvious. I reflected, how many companies I have worked in where team or personal development initiatives were either, ‘off the shelf’ or rehashed versions of someone else’s. Initially they seem ok, the team might even be ‘inspired’. But over time, they fade or go “all baggy” – nothing really changes because they don’t get worn everywhere – they don’t quite fit.

My lovely wife (AKA, ‘Knitty Nora’) also happens to be my Bats partner and together we design unique, custom made development programmes for individuals and whole organisations. We find out who they are, help them understand what they really need, and then, together with them, we co-design the pathway forward.

So if you’re getting frustrated with being squeezed into ‘one size fits all’ or formulaic, acronymic ‘sure-fire’ methods, give us a call. We’ll come and sit with you and help you design and build your own desired future.


Lab Wilson


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