Hope – a catalyst to your future

A fulfilling life is lived in the tension between current reality and a future focus. This creates hope.  So often we become trapped in our present and struggle to break free.  This entrapment can deny us the possibilities life has to offer.

In his book,  “The Path of Least Resistance”,  Robert Fritz describes how one can either pull hard into the future towards a vision, or move in the opposite direction and go nowhere.  Focusing on our current reality ensures we wallow in the murk, not moving anywhere.    This reactive tension creates a state of inertia.  This is where feelings become paramount and the drive becomes how to get rid of the bad feelings.  When pulling hard towards the future,  creative tension is developed. The focus becomes on what we can create.  Time is then spent on developing action to ensure that purpose is achieved.

In leading your life – believe that tomorrow can be better than today.  Fill each day with hope. Make sure that hope is in every interaction, every communication, every word that leaves your mouth.  When others witness you believe it, they will start to build that belief.  At first it may seem hard to do, so practice at home, practice in the shower, with your partner, with the dog.  Try to make every statement filled with hope and a positive way forward.  After a while it becomes a way of life and is contagious.

Focus on what is possible, make it a quest to get there.  Don’t be distracted by the multitude of events that happen each day.  Grow and learn into your future and dreams can come true.

This has been written from a personal perspective – how one can become future focused and move into a world of possibilities.  This is equally relevant for groups where the focus is on a shared purpose.  Each member supports one another to develop mindsets based on growth.

Mā te rongo, ka mōhio;

Mā te mōhio, ka mārama;

Mā te mārama, ka mātau;

Mā te mātua, ka ora.

From listening comes knowledge;

From knowledge comes understanding;

From understanding comes wisdom;

From wisdom comes well-being.

Take time to reflect and plan over the holiday season

Mary and Lab Wilson (the Bats Team)

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